What can you do for me?

  • If you want to make your company’s logo come to life
    Ask for a logo animation!
  • If you want a unified corporate identity for your videos releasing regularly
    Ask for a video intro, motion graphics and a video outro!
  • If you have footage for a video
    Ask for complete post-production!
  • If you want to introduce your product or service in an animation
    Ask for an animated video!

For post-production houses

We undertake the complete post-production of footage: editing, color-grading, compositing, VFX. We create 2D video animations: logo animation, 2D character and typo animations. For more info please drop us a line.

How much time?

Can you estimate how much time my project will take prior to starting?

We need as much information as possible on the task and based on these we can define the duration. We always discuss it with you before start.

In general what durations can I expect?

Every video is different and individual so the time of building is also various. However, in general you can count with the following timings:

  • 2D logo animation: minimum 3-5 workdays
  • 3D logo animation: minimum 5-7 workdays
  • corporate identity for videos (intro + motion graphics + outro): minimum 6-8 workdays
  • Post-production of footage for a 2 minutes long video: minimum 6-8 workdays depending on the length of the raw footage
  • 1 min long 2D animation of existing graphical elements and script: around 15 workdays

What cost?

How do you charge?

Every video and animation needs different workflow so we don’t operate with flat rate. We work hourly rate based and we provide the estimate calculating with the necessary hours.

What is your payment process?

We require an upfront payment for starting the project. The amount of the upfront payment is defined based on the magnitude of the project. We deliver your ready to use video once the final payment is completed.

Technical questions

What is the process of a project in general?

First of all we ask you to share the brief or project info as detailed as possible. After this we cab give an estimate containing the necessary hours based on what you told us, we calculate the project price and agree on the deadlines and milestones.

We can keep the deadline if you provide all the necessary materials at the scheduled time as we calculated based on this.

If your needs change on the way we’ll always let you know what it means respect to the costs and deadline.

We consider communication as one of the most important components so you’ll always have the possibility to share your opinion and proposals during the project

At what format can I get my video?

If the format is not determined by your side we deliver the video in a format suitable for the way of use. E.g.: uncompressed for TV broadcast or archiving, smaller file size for online publication. We can deliver your video in multifarious formats.

How can I get my video?

We deliver the videos via Internet: via FTP or file senders.

Can I request a change in my video delivered by you last year?

This is always possible as we preserve the previous videos. So if you need we can modify your video long after.